How to Use Yoast SEO On WordPress: Complete Tutorial

When you need an innovative approach to get the pages on the top of search engine ranking, you can with the SEO plugin that works great to help you make your website appear on the top of search engine ranking. When it comes to SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is a go-to option that you can choose without keeping any second option as a backup. You must not be aware, but WordPress SEO is actually among the unavoidable tasks and an entire complex topic with complex features to deliver complete control over your site’s SEO. Even though the Yoast team put a lot of effort to make SEO entirely easier for beginners, there are still many good chances that can help you use the Yoast SEO conveniently.

Yoast SEO guide for the beginners

When working on Yoast SEO, you can even hire search engine optimization services to make the entire process easier, but if you are going to handle the entire job by yourself, then here is what you need to know –

  • How you can enter the needed information in the configuration wizard?
  • What do you mean by Yoast SEO meta box, and how does it works
  • What can you do with the use of the Yoast SEO dashboard on your website?
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Using the Yoast SEO configuration wizard

When your website is completed with the entire setup and installation of the needed Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily access the control panel with a simple click on the new SEO tabs in your WordPress dashboards.

If it is your first time using the plugins, you will come across a large notice for the SEO arrangements, so you need to click on the link given for the configuration wizard. Once you are done with that, Yoast SEO will give you a guided tour to set up the basic settings needed for SEO, and you need to follow each step when setting up the Yoast.

Use of SEO Meta Box

When working on Yoast SEO to make every post-SEO-friendly, meta box is where you will work together with the plugin, and the meta box will deliver a great help by –

  • Analyzing the entire content for its SEO superiority and better readability.
  • Allowing you to organize the entire settings for how your content is performing on the Google and Social Media

The meta box will emergebeneath the WordPress editor, and if you are using a new WordPress block editor, you will discover it on the right-hand sidebar. There are three different ways to interact with the meta box, and if you are not sure, you can get help from the best SEO agency that can help you make things easier with the needed guidance.

1. Lets you make changes for the focus keyphrase, content, readability, and snippet preview.

2. Lets you access added settings for social media

3. Let you access superior options available.

How you can use Yoast SEO when working on your website every day?

Most Yoast SEO options are like you can set them up once, and forget, but once you are getting everything configured, the only area you will use on an everyday basis is the yoast SEO meta box. For every post you are doing, you need to –

  • Add the relevant focus keyphrase – Getting a green light is an attainable goal, so when adding a focus keyphrase, you need to make sure that it relates to your content as well.
  • Configure the SEO title and meta description – Even if you are setting up a good template, you need to make the needed edits in the posts to make sure the titles and the descriptions and your content are optimized with the focus keyword.

If you think it will take up most of your time, you can go with digital marketing consulting services to hire professionals who can manage the website for you. It will make it easier for you to focus on the other important things that you otherwise must have skipped when working on Yoast SEO.


Things To Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

To become a successful businessman in the present digital age, the most important thing you need is digital marketing. It comprises several common forms of internet advertising. Best digital marketing services agency knows that every aspect of digital marketing can contribute to the goals of any business, and hence they design their digital marketing services by considering this. Companies that offer digital marketing services specialize in marketing tools and provide solutions to create a strong web presence.

However, it’s a little bit complicated to decide which digital marketing agency you should hire.Let me help you make an informed decision by explaining which things you should consider when hiring a digital marketing company. Generally, digital marketing agencies offer several services SEO, SMO, ASO, SEM, web designing, web development, content marketing, and many more. So, before hiring a digital marketing services company, you need to analyze your business, what you would like to do to improve your business, and which service you need for your business to make it more productive.

Let’s have a look at some essential things to consider when choosing a digital marketing company to get digital marketing services:

Firstly, Understand Your Business Goals:

The most important thing you should do when hiring a digital marketing agency is understanding your business goals. A digital marking agency will advertise or promote your business online with several methods to generate traffic to your business. So, first of all, analyze your business, define your business goal or objectives, contact a digital marketing company, tell them about your business and its goals, and build the marketing strategy for your business to promote it.

Secondly, Discover Agency That Meets Your Needs:

Another thing that you have to do is hire the right company that meets your need. Now, you may have a query“how do I select a digital marketing company”?  We know that several agencies offer local digital marketing services, but you should look for a company that provides the service you need. Also, check for the packages of different agencies and pick the one that best suits your budget. So, don’t spend on a digital marketing package that is not related to your requirements. Just pay for the service you are hiring.

Thirdly, Ask For a Plan:

Always ask for a framework before hiring a digital marketing agency. The framework will tell you the complete step-by-step procedure for your marketing campaign. All the things included in the plan will be part of their marketing strategy. So, analyze the framework carefully.

And Finally, Communicate Anytime:

When choosing a digital marketing agency or best SEO services agency, the essential thing to consider is that they must be available to talk about your business whenever you need. They should send you daily reports to keep you updated with their work to generate more leads for your business.

So, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency for your business, you should consider all the above points first!

What Are The 2020 Tips To Create WordPress Website For The Beginner?

If you are a beginner, then creating a website is a huge task and expensive too. Days are gone when everything had to be built by hand. Now business flourishes them digital, and the online marketing agency charges thousands of dollars to make a site.

But the year 2020 comes up with wordpress design and development techniques that even beginners can design the website without knowing anything about design, coding, or web development. Below are the things that you need to have with you for designing a wordpress website.

  • Domain Name: The domain name is your custom web address, where users can directly find your website.
  • Website Hosting: As the name clears the service that hosts your website.
  • WordPress: WordPress is the free and most famous platform to create a website.

WordPress is the most useable website on the internet. Approximately 37% of websites are of WordPress on the internet. Designing the WordPress site is usually a simple click if you have website hosting.

What Are The Methods To Design A WordPress Website?

  1. Select A Domain Name

When you plan to create a website, the first thing is to choose a domain name that implies your website name and address.  The price of the domain name lies between $10 to $50, but commonly the new wordpress web developer prefers to buy the domain name at lower cost.

How Can You Choose The Domain Name

  • If your website is related to business, then choose a domain name that matches your company name.
  • For your personal use, you can go with
  • If you set up website for international visitors then use “generic” domain name extensions like .org, .com, or .net. If you set up a website by targeting your country the use the “local” domain name extension like .ru,.de, or .fr.
  • Get The Register Domain And Web Hosting

With the domain name, you also need website hosting. Web hosting is a service that stores all your files or content on a secure server.  Web hosting is so essential because without its website will not be accessible to the visitors; they can’t read and browse. Website hosting cost less than a coffee cup. For new sites, the cost lies between $3 to $10.

The website hosting company from where you purchase, make sure they have the below features:

  • For security free domain name from SSL.
  • Free install of wordpress with only a single click.
  •  Custom email accounts.
  • No traffic limitations
  • Present for live chat 24/7 for customers.
  • Customize Website Design And Structure
  • Choose the theme for your website
  • Add Logo and change color as per your choice fonts and scheme.
  • Add the sidebar
  • Add free WordPress add-ons.
  • Add Quality Content Into The Website.

Thebest wordpress developer creates your website page wise this will enhance the look. Commonly the website has the following pages:

  • About Us Page: The about us page gives an overview of the company.
  • Homepage: This is the first page of the website that, by default, opens when the user visits the website.
  • Contact Page: Here, the website put contact number and email ids with an address for the visitor who wants to contact.
  • Blog Page: The blog page can be used in two ways. First, you can upload the latest blogs. Second, you can post company news and announcements.
  • Service Page: This page is used to show the service that you provide the same as promoting or advertising the business
  • Shop Page: This page is for e-commerce companies.